Canadian Partnership Against Cancer: The Truth of It Video Series

Three months before his death, Larry agreed to give a candid video interview about his own personal experience facing a life-threatening illness for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s ‘The Truth Of It’ video series. The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is an independent organization funded by the federal government to accelerate action on cancer control for all Canadians. The Partnership works with cancer experts, charitable organizations, governments, cancer agencies, national health organizations, patients, survivors and others to implement Canada’s cancer control strategy.


The final days of Dr. Larry Librach, champion of palliative care

CTV’s Dr. Marla Shapiro interviewed Larry about his final few months and his cancer journey for the network’s W5 program. These interviews were conducted over the course of several weeks but the last was recorded just before he died. Please follow the link below to watch this program.

The final days of Dr. Larry Librach, champion of palliative care.

Ontario College of Family Physicians honours Larry: Video Tribute

On November 27, 2014 the Ontario College of Family Physicians gave Larry a posthumous award of Excellence for “his exemplary leadership in championing patient-centred end-of-life care, his dedication to teaching and academic excellence and his steadfast commitment to the delivery of quality primary care.” The video tribute to Larry can be seen below:


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